"We were fortunate enough to come across Arbutus Montessori Daycare when looking for a full time pre-school and daycare option for our son. With all the usual apprehensions a parent has of leaving a 3 year old in full time care we soon realised what a great choice we had made. Melinda has created the most wonderful, nurturing, positive and flexible space allowing each child to thrive. Our son always wanted to "go to school" as he put it and enjoyed every day he was there for 2 years. The range of activities and Montessori schooling  was incredible and we frequently commented on what amazing and creative projects the children worked on.

        It was evident that all the children in the class progressed not just in the basic building blocks of education but also socially and emotionally. From a personal point of view our son excelled beyond our greatest hope. His reading is on par with a child in Grade 1 and his writing and math skills are at the same level as a child finishing Kindergarten. Our young boy is ready and excited for school and already comfortable with Montessori education. This means he is happy to work on his own or as a group in a focused and positive way. Everyone always comments on what an intelligent and polite little guy he is and that is in no small part because of Melinda and her great team. Thank you does not seem enough after 2 incredible years at  Arbutus Montessori and were were sad to say our goodbyes."

   - Paul

        "Thank you for two wonderful years of learning, laughter and fun. You have created a remarkable program to let children thrive and excel while being themselves. We have so much gratitude for each and every moment you have spent nurturing our son. He is a better person for having known you, and will forever remember you being part of his life."
   - Alli

        "We truly appreciate everything you have done for both Gabi and Alex over the past 4 years. You are a truly wonderful teacher. Thank you so much for the care and attention you have given to our children and for fostering a love of learning in them."

   - Monique & Pablo

        "There are not enough words to thank you for looking after Ewan so well for the past 3 years. We could not have asked for more from a teacher and caregiver. That all your kids are reading so well at age 5 is a testament to your hard work and wonderful skills as a teacher. But more importantly, the love and care you provide our children is evident everyday in their faces and behaviour when we pick them up at the end of the day. You truly have become a member of our family and we, Ewan especially, are sad to leave. Thank you so much."

   - Lesley &Doug