We have a flexible timetable which allows for and encourages spontaneity, and our daily routines take into account children's individual needs for rest and play. While the children are at the school they are introduced to age appropriate equipment and are free to choose whatever activity they wish from the prepared environment. We promise to follow your child's interest and try at all times to meet their social, emotional and academic needs.

A Typical Day For The Children Consists Of:

  8:30 am   -  11:00 am        Montessori Curriculum. Working in various areas such as Language,                                                                Sensorial, Mathematics, Science, and Practical Life

11:00 am   -  11:30 am        Circle

11:30 am   -  12:30 pm        Outdoor Play

12:30 pm   -    1:30 pm        Lunch Time & Cleanup

  1:30 pm   -    3:00 pm        Quiet/Nap Time

  3:00 pm   -    3:30 pm        Snack

  3:30 pm   -    4:30 pm        Arts & Crafts, French/Mandarin Lessons, and Circle

  4:30 pm   -    5:30 pm        Learn through Play